Discover the Top 7 Car Dealer Inventory Management Systems

Running a car dealership can be a difficult task. Ensuring that all sales are properly tracked and that customer issues are addressed in a timely manner can be a challenge. In addition, it is essential to keep accurate records of your staff. It is clear that trying to manage all of this data manually can be a daunting task, no matter how well-prepared, efficient, or experienced you are.

Luckily, there is a simpler method: car dealer inventory management systems. This type of software is commonly referred to as car dealer software and works to efficiently organize all the data within your car dealership.

These systems can take care of a range of back and front office operations, eliminating the need for manual labor. This should save you a lot of time and effort, while at the same time decreasing the chances of errors. In this guide, we will explore the 8 best car dealer inventory management systems available.

Shop Ware

There’s no question that Shop-Ware is a top-notch car dealer software solution. With its cloud-based platform, it offers a variety of features to make managing an auto dealership simpler. It has the capacity to assist with auto shop capacity, auto shop estimating, inventory management, employee management, digital workflow, repair shop analytics, and digital vehicle inspection. All of these powerful tools come together to make Shop-Ware the perfect choice for any car dealership.

By taking advantage of these features, you can effortlessly monitor all the activities and processes at your car dealership. Moreover, you will be able to save a great deal of time which can be utilized in other areas of your auto business.

One thing that makes Shop-Ware so great is its effortless integration with QuickBooks. This allows you to effortlessly generate billing details, client invoices and a plethora of reports. Not only that, but you can also easily pay off any outstanding suppliers’ debts in a timely manner.

Shop-Ware is offered in four different packages. There’s Mobile, Startup, Journey and Master, and they’re priced at $117, $207, $317, and $247 each month. Pick the one that best fits your needs and your wallet.


In 1996, DealerCenter was established in Los Angeles as a comprehensive dealership management solution tailored to independent auto dealers. It has since become one of the most advanced auto dealer management systems available, with its cloud-based platform.

DealerCenter is designed to make running your dealership simpler. Whether you specialize in new cars, used cars, or both, this tool has all the functions you need to track and manage your services.

This system incorporates all the tools and capabilities you need to effectively and profitably manage your dealership, such as deal management, financial and insurance management, electronic titles processing, credit bureau services, payment processing and inventory management.

DealerCenter is integrated with QuickBook’s online edition and offers a mobile app, so you can view and access various elements of your dealership on the move.

How much will you pay for a dealer management system? It all depends on the tools and features you require. DealerCenter, a dealer management system, charges $60 per month.

Incorporating QuickBooks into your package will cost you $40 each month, whereas incorporating customer management will come with a monthly fee of $65. Ultimately, the amount of packages you choose to add to the base package will depend on your necessities.

DealerTrack DMS

If you are searching for a reliable and cost-effective vehicle dealership inventory management system, DealerTrack is an excellent choice. This system is equipped with all the features you need to successfully operate your car dealership.

This auto dealership management software allows you to connect all areas of your dealership, increasing your efficiency and helping you to increase your automotive retail business profits.

DealerTrack stands out for its accounting management, document management, contact database, lease management, website integration and collections management functions, making it a suitable choice for both used and new car dealers. Its buy-here-pay-here capabilities provide an added advantage.

What sets this car dealer inventory management system apart from the rest is its integrated and straightforward process, designed to streamline operations at your dealership and enable you to work smarter, not harder. This system can be a major asset to your auto dealership, helping to revolutionize the way you do business.

DealerTrack has yet to make pricing information available. To find out how much you will be charged, you will have to get in touch with them. Just fill out the form on their website and provide the required information. Afterwards, one of their representatives will get back to you with a price quote.


Headquartered in Canton, NY, Frazer provides an expansive car dealership management platform to independent second-hand car dealers. Established in 1985, Frazer was created with the aim of providing used car dealers with a dependable, user-friendly, and top-of-the-line dealership management system at a reasonable cost.

Frazer’s dealer management system offers a wide range of features, such as inventory control, forms printing, sales processing, buy-here-pay-here, comprehensive accounting, vehicle history and value details, credit reports, credit card handling, and sales processing.

Frazer supports over 200 integrations including online vehicle marketing, finance and insurance, credit report and vehicle history reports, electronic title and registration and QuickBooks.

Clients of Frazer enjoy unlimited technical assistance, available to them via phone, email, or online chat. Should any issue arise, the friendly and helpful customer support team is on hand to assist.

Frazer has two packages to choose from – Desktop, costing $85 per month, and Hosted, starting at $179 per month. Both provide similar features, with the exception of remote access, which is not available with the Desktop package.

Frazer has an exceptional opportunity – a free trial without any commitments. This trial lasts for 30 days and does not require any credit card information. It is totally obligation-free!

If you’re searching for a cost-effective, loaded with features, adaptable and effortless to operate vehicle dealership inventory management platform, then Frazer is the ideal choice for you. Whether you want to enhance your profits or amplify your productivity, this car dealer software is ideal for any individual in the industry.


EverLogic first came onto the scene in 2003 with RV dealership management software, but since then it has grown significantly and branched out to other industries. Now, its inventory system is available to car dealerships as well.

EverLogic’s dealer management system is created to streamline all of your dealership’s operations into a single, integrated platform. It offers a comprehensive suite of features, including customer management, parts inventory, point of sale, document management, sales and finance, along with unit inventory and service.

EverLogic is compatible with both QuickBooks Online and Desktop versions, just like many other car dealer inventory management systems. This integration will help prevent having to enter data twice.

Clients can select from two plans that suit their needs and finances – EverLogic Core Desktop for $105 monthly or the EverLogic Core Desktop Plus Mobile plan for $135 each month.

Both packages offer the same modules. The sole difference between them is that the second one provides mobile access, allowing you to monitor and manage your dealership even when you’re away. Additionally, EverLogic provides free customer support no matter which package you select.

AutoDealer Plus

AutoDealer Plus from ASN Software is the ultimate automotive dealership management solution. This all-in-one system is designed to provide you with a comprehensive range of solutions to streamline your car dealership operations.

This collection of features includes sales tools, CRM, accounting integration, document storage, credit card processing, electronic signature for contracts, financial management, buy-now-pay-later options, and recurring payments processing.

At this time, no prices are posted for this vehicle dealer inventory management system. If you are interested in buying it, you will need to contact the company for more information.


DealerClick DealerClick offers dealer management system services for used car dealers across all 50 U.S. states. Whether you are in the Northeast, Southeast, West, Midwest or Southwest, DealerClick has you covered. They provide a wide range of DMS solutions for those in the used car industry.

DealerClick’s auto dealer software offers an extensive selection of tools and resources to facilitate the smooth running of your dealership, regardless of size. With this software, you can manage your dealership with ease.

This product provides a comprehensive dealer management solution, with features such as inventory management, finance and insurance, payment processing, e-contracts and forms, vehicle titling and temporary tags, reporting, and analytics, as well as access to credit reference bureaus.

DealerClick does not list its prices on its website; to get a quote, you must fill out a form with key details. To get a better understanding of how the tool works, you may also request a free demo before committing to a purchase.

Wrapping It Up

By investing in a car dealer inventory system, your auto dealership can enjoy numerous advantages. These systems are designed to optimize productivity, efficiency, and ultimately, profitability. The key is to select a system that is cost-effective, user-friendly, and equipped with the features you require.